Blueprint for Disaster: The Unraveling of Chicago Public Housing

Blueprint for Disaster Cover

University of Chicago Press, 2009, Historical Studies of Urban America Series

Now considered a dysfunctional mess, Chicago’s public housing projects once had long waiting lists of would-be residents hoping to leave the slums behind. So what went wrong? To answer this complicated question, D. Bradford Hunt traces public housing’s history in Chicago from its New Deal roots through current mayor Richard M. Daley’s Plan for Transformation. In the process, he chronicles the Chicago Housing Authority’s own transformation from the city’s most progressive government agency to its largest slumlord.

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Winner, Lewis Mumford Prize for best book in American city and regional planning history in the previous two years, Society for American City and Regional Planning History, 2009.

Honorable Mention, Kenneth Jackson Award for best book in U.S. Urban History, Urban History Association, 2010.

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